Smoky Hills PBS Kids Club

Membership Benefits

Your family's membership helps support quality programming on Smoky Hills PBS. For a yearly Family Membership of $60.00, up to two children (10 years old or younger) can be enrolled.

**Additional children are just $5.00 each

Kid's Club Birthday Spot

Our Kids Club Members receive an on-air birthday greeting during the month of his/her birthday! What kid doesn't like to be on TV? Sign up your child to be a Kids Club member today!

Smoky Hills PBS Kids Club
  • Receive books, bookmarks, stickers and other fun stuff in the mail throughout the year!
Kids Club Member Receives A Fun Package In The Mail!
  • Personalized on-air birthday greeting aired several times a day during the month of his/her birthday.
  • Personalized Birthday Greeting on social media.
  • A Kids Club certificate

Through your enrollment, we can continue to provide a safe, educational, and enriching television experience for the children of Central and Western Kansas!