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Doctors On Call

Doctors On Call is a live viewer call-in show hosted by Jenna Miller.

This Smoky Hills PBS production features Kansas doctors and health care professionals talking about health-related topics. Tune in every Tuesday evening at 7pm or watch LIVE via our YouTube Channel.

To submit questions during our show:

  1. Call-in during our LIVE show every Tuesday night at 7pm (1-800-337-4788)
  2. Email us your question at

Doctors on Call is made possible by:

Russell Regional Hospital, Russell

Doctors on Call hosted by Jenna Miller

Season 16 Shows

Doctors on Call (1611) - Eye Care/Concussions

On this Doctors on Call we discuss Eye Care/Concussions with Dr. Stacey Jones with EyeSmile Vision/Dental in Hays and Teresa Heimann, P.T. of Hays Medical Center.

On this Doctors on Call we discuss COVID-19 with Dr. Tyrel Somers of Russell Regional Hospital.

Doctors on Call (1609) - Colorectal Cancer

On this Doctors on Call we discuss Colorectal Cancer with Dr. Perez-Tamayo, MD, FACR, FACRO of the Central Care Cancer Center.

On this Doctors on Call we will discuss Orthopedics/Podiatry with Dr. Joshua Boone of Central Kansas Orthopedics in Great Bend. 

Doctors on Call (1607) - Cardiology

On this Doctors on Call we discuss Cardiology with Dr. David Battin of the Mowery Clinic in Salina.

Doctors on Call (1606) - Healthy Eating/Dieting

Doctors on Call 1605 - (Mental Health) with Beth Christians

Doctors on Call (1603) - Pet Health YouTube

Doctors on Call 1603 (Pain Management) with Dr. Bell Razafin

Doctors on Call - 1602 (Chiropractic Care) with Dr. Shelbe D

Season 16 Schedule

January 5, 2020COVID
Dr. Tyrel Somers
Russell Regional Hospital
January 19, 2020Chiropractic Care
Dr. Shelbe Darnell
Restoration Health & Chiropractic, Plainville
January 26, 2021Pain Management
Dr. Bell Razafindrabe
Pain Spine Rehab, Great Bend
February 2, 2021Pet Health
Dr. Steve Mosier
Hays Veterinary Hosp.
February 9, 2021Mental Health
Cary Schwarz & Mark Dinkel
High Plains Mental Health
February 16, 2021CANCELED 
February 23, 2021Healthy Eating/Dieting
Dr. Dustin Moffitt & Jessica Moffitt
Prospectively Healthy, Hays
March 16, 2021Cardiology
Dr. David Battin
Mowery Clinic, Salina
March 23, 2021Orthopedics / Podiatry
Dr. Joshua Boone
Central KS Orthopedic
Great Bend
March 30, 2021Colorectal Cancer
Dr. Perez - Tamayo, MD, FACR, FACRO
Central Care Cancer Center - Salina, KS
April 6, 2021COVID Update
Dr. Tyrel Somers
Russell Regional Hospital
April 13, 2021Eye Health / Concussions
Dr. Stacey Jones
EyeSmile Vision/Dental
Dr. Teresa Heimann, P.T.
Hays Medical Center
April 20, 2021Dental Health
Dr. Jarrod Jones
EyeSmile Vision/Dental
April 27, 2021Mental Health
High Plains Mental Health