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Doctors On Call

Doctors On Call is a live viewer call-in show hosted by Jenna Miller.

This Smoky Hills PBS production features Kansas doctors and health care professionals talking about health-related topics. Tune in every Tuesday evening at 7pm or watch LIVE via our YouTube Channel.

To submit questions during our show:

  1. Call-in during our LIVE show every Tuesday night at 7pm (1-800-337-4788)
  2. Email us your question at

Doctors on Call is made possible by:

Russell Regional Hospital, Russell

Doctors on Call hosted by Jenna Miller

Season 16 Shows

Doctors on Call (1613) - Mental Health

On this, the season finale of Doctors on Call, we discuss Mental Health with Cary Schwarz and Beth Christians, Therapist with High Plains Mental Health in Hays.

Doctors on Call (1612) - Dental Health

On this Doctors on Call we discuss Dental Health with Dr. Jarrod Jones with EyeSmile Vision/Dental in Hays.

Doctors on Call (1611) - Eye Care/Concussions

On this Doctors on Call we discuss Eye Care/Concussions with Dr. Stacey Jones with EyeSmile Vision/Dental in Hays and Teresa Heimann, P.T. of Hays Medical Center.

On this Doctors on Call we discuss COVID-19 with Dr. Tyrel Somers of Russell Regional Hospital.

Doctors on Call (1609) - Colorectal Cancer

On this Doctors on Call we discuss Colorectal Cancer with Dr. Perez-Tamayo, MD, FACR, FACRO of the Central Care Cancer Center.

On this Doctors on Call we will discuss Orthopedics/Podiatry with Dr. Joshua Boone of Central Kansas Orthopedics in Great Bend. 

Doctors on Call (1607) - Cardiology

On this Doctors on Call we discuss Cardiology with Dr. David Battin of the Mowery Clinic in Salina.

Doctors on Call (1606) - Healthy Eating/Dieting

Doctors on Call 1605 - (Mental Health) with Beth Christians

Doctors on Call (1603) - Pet Health YouTube

Doctors on Call 1603 (Pain Management) with Dr. Bell Razafin

Doctors on Call - 1602 (Chiropractic Care) with Dr. Shelbe D

Season 16 Schedule

January 5, 2020COVID
Dr. Tyrel Somers
Russell Regional Hospital
January 19, 2020Chiropractic Care
Dr. Shelbe Darnell
Restoration Health & Chiropractic, Plainville
January 26, 2021Pain Management
Dr. Bell Razafindrabe
Pain Spine Rehab, Great Bend
February 2, 2021Pet Health
Dr. Steve Mosier
Hays Veterinary Hosp.
February 9, 2021Mental Health
Cary Schwarz & Mark Dinkel
High Plains Mental Health
February 16, 2021CANCELED 
February 23, 2021Healthy Eating/Dieting
Dr. Dustin Moffitt & Jessica Moffitt
Prospectively Healthy, Hays
March 16, 2021Cardiology
Dr. David Battin
Mowery Clinic, Salina
March 23, 2021Orthopedics / Podiatry
Dr. Joshua Boone
Central KS Orthopedic
Great Bend
March 30, 2021Colorectal Cancer
Dr. Perez - Tamayo, MD, FACR, FACRO
Central Care Cancer Center - Salina, KS
April 6, 2021COVID Update
Dr. Tyrel Somers
Russell Regional Hospital
April 13, 2021Eye Health / Concussions
Dr. Stacey Jones
EyeSmile Vision/Dental
Dr. Teresa Heimann, P.T.
Hays Medical Center
April 20, 2021Dental Health
Dr. Jarrod Jones
EyeSmile Vision/Dental
April 27, 2021Mental Health
Cary Schwarz - Therapist
Beth Christians - Therapist
High Plains Mental Health