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General FAQs

Who determines what to air on Smoky Hills PBS?
SHPBS maintains full control of programming. Local programming aired on SHPBS is selected internally.  Smoky Hills PBS Create and PBS Kids are national feeds and cannot be altered.


Why is CLOSED CAPTIONING available on some programs but not others?

Most PBS distributed programs are Closed Captioned (CC), if there is a program that you believe should be CC, and is not, please contact the station at or read this article:


Where can I view your programming schedule?
You can view daily and weekly schedule offerings for all four channels here.


How can I receive the monthly program guide?

Our online program guide is free for everyone to view and print.  Click here to print this month's program guide.  If you would like to receive our guide by email each month, you can sign up here.


How can I watch a live stream on

To begin watching a live stream from your local PBS station, click the LIVE TV option at the top right corner of the site. Depending on your browser, you may instead see a menu icon ( ☰ ). Click this icon to open the menu where the LIVE TV option will also be listed.

Once you've opened the live stream, click the Start Watching button or the triangular play button to start the live stream.

Can I watch the live stream from any location or change between PBS station's streams?

You can only watch the live stream from a local PBS station which serves your broadcast area. You will be unable to view the live stream of a PBS station outside of your geographic area. If you are served by multiple PBS stations in your broadcast area, you can change your local station on the site to view other station live streams.

What devices can I use to watch the live stream?

You can watch the live stream on your computer or on other devices that support the following web browsers: Google Chrome - Mozilla Firefox - Safari - Microsoft Edge

While other web browsers can visit - such as Amazon Silk or third-party browsers included on Smart TVs - these web browsers are not officially supported and we cannot guarantee video playback or offer troubleshooting for these unsupported browsers.

You can also watch the live stream on the PBS Video app on the below devices.

  • Roku
  • Apple TV (4th generation and newer)
  • Amazon Fire
  • Android TV
  • Apple iPhones and iPads
  • Android mobile devices

To watch the live stream on these devices, open the PBS Video app home screen and select Live TV at the top or left side of the app. Press OK on your remote to begin watching.

The LIVE STREAM is also available on the Smoky Hills PBS mobile app by clicking the play button in the blue LIVE STREAM box. 

How can I contact Smoky Hills PBS?
The best and fastest way to contact SHPBS is through email ( 

Visit our contact page to learn about other contact methods.


Who do I contact with comments or questions about specific programs?
SHPBS does not have direct influence over national PBS content. If you wish to submit a comment regarding programs like NOVA, Antiques Roadshow, PBS NewsHour, Frontline, etc… please contact PBS.


How do I receive a copy of a PBS or Smoky Hills PBS program?
Many SHPBS productions and most national PBS programs are available for purchase. If the show you wish to order is an SHPBS production, please contact us at (800) 337-4788 during regular business hours (8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m., weekdays) or by email. PBS videos are available online at Shop PBS (ordering through the Shop PBS website supports SHPBS) or by phone through PBS (1-877-PBS-SHOP). It is a violation of copyright laws for SHPBS to make a copy or “dub” of a PBS program for you.


I’m a teacher. Do I need permission to use PBS programs in my classroom?
Maybe, but probably not. More information here.


Are you hiring?
You can view a list of our current employment opportunities here.


Where can I see the Smoky Hills PBS Annual Report?

The most recent Local Content Report is available online. Please click here.

Donation FAQs

How does my donation support Smoky Hills PBS?
Your donation means that we are able to purchase the rights to the programs you love, create award-winning local documentaries, produce valuable journalism, and provide educational opportunities for all Kansans.

What’s the best way to support Smoky Hills PBS (SHPBS)?
There’s no wrong way to support Smoky Hills PBS. However, the best way to support SHPBS is with a monthly sustaining membership. This means you set it and forget it. Your card or bank account will be automatically drafted each month at the level you set.

If you aren’t able to make a monthly donation, you can make a one-time donation.  You can also donate your vehicle (car, boat, tractor, etc…) or make a planned estate gift.

How do I update my contact information or donation? 

Phone: 800-337-4788 Ext. 133

What perks come with my donation?

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. However, accepting one of the thank-you gifts will usually reduce the tax-deductible amount of your donation. All tax letters will include the fair market value of your thank-you gift.  

Please request a tax letter from to get your tax deduction amount. 

Who do I contact if I want to make a major gift or corporate underwriting?
Please contact Betsy Schwien ( for any major gifts above $5000.  For questions on corporate underwriting please contact:

Chuck Becker (

Sara Oberle (


How do I get started donating my vehicle?
Donating your car, truck, boat, trailer, etc... benefits Smoky Hills PBS. The process is simple and free for you. Get started here.


How do I support Smoky Hills PBS offline?
Contact our membership team to request a hard copy of our donation form.

Phone: 800-337-4788


I made a donation but haven’t received my thank you gift. What do I do? Contact our membership team with your membership information and a description of the item.  Thank you gifts can take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive. 

Phone: 800-337-4788

App FAQs

How do I get the Smoky Hill PBS mobile app?
Go to the App Store (on iOS devices) or Google Play (Android).  Search for "Smoky Hills PBS".  

Follow the rest of the instructions to download the app at no cost!


How do I share a show or episode I love with a friend?
Start by playing the show within the app (press "Play" at the bottom of the screen).  At the top right of the screen you will see an upward-pointing caret ^.  (Circled in yellow below)

Then select any of the options available, i.e. social media, email, etc.


I've heard you can watch Smoky Hills PBS LIVE through the app.  Is that true?

YES!  Smoky Hills PBS is accessible at any time with a click of a button.  Go to the app and on the home page, there is a banner ad that says SMOKY HILLS PBS LIVE STREAM.  Click that and then click play.  As long as you are within our viewing area, you will be able to connect to our channel!


Can I set a reminder on my phone to watch a program?

Yes!  If you see a show you are interested in, that has not premiered yet, you can set a reminder to pop up on your phone.  Go to the show you want to watch and click on the clock button (highlighted below).

Once you have clicked on the "set reminder" the clock should light up green.  It will then be set to send you a push notification at the time the program will air, making it easy for you to never miss your favorite shows!

I've heard about On Demand.  What does that mean?

You'll find our On Demand section by pressing the Menu button in the top left corner of the screen, then selecting "On Demand."  You'll see there are many shows that we carry on Smoky Hills PBS, as well as some that we no longer carry.  Simply click on the shows to watch them.


Can I donate to Smoky Hills PBS via the mobile app?

Yes!  This is a feature we are excited about.  With a simple click of the "DONATE" button in the top right of the home screen, you'll be able to donate via a secure, easy, online form.  If you're accessing the app from your phone, you can also call us directly (during business or pledge hours) to make your donation. (800) 337-4788

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