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Real Ag

Real Ag

Real Ag is a program for everyone -- both consumers and those in agri-business -- with pertinent information about food and the agriculture industry.

Season 12 Topics

Season 12 Coming NOVEMBER 2023

Real Ag 1108 - Guide

From farm safety to sunflowers. Poultry to GMOs. It was an exciting year for Real Ag. We covered a lot of topics and traveled across the state to cover those topics.
We will look back at season eleven of Real Ag.

Real Ag 1107 - Sunflowers

With bright blooms that go all summer, sunflowers are heat-tolerant, resistant to pests, and attractive to pollinators and birds. They make beautiful cut flowers, and their seeds (and oil) are a source of food for birds and people!
We will look at Sunflowers as we visit local sunflower growers on this episode of Real Ag.

Real Ag 1106 - Disease Management

There are a variety of threats to the health of crops in Kansas. Crop diseases play a part in the disruption of having a good, healthy crop in Kansas. 
We will look at Plant Disease Management in Kansas as we visit local farmers and Plant disease specialists on this episode of Real Ag.

Real Ag 1102 - Air Spraying

Air Spraying, aerial application, or even crop dusting, as it is sometimes called, is a method of distributing pesticides, fertilizer, and weed killers over crops without the use of ground spraying machines. 

We will look at Air Spraying in Kansas as we visit with some local air spraying pilots on this episode of Real Ag.

Real Ag - 1101 - Farm Safety

With all the dangers that farmers need to be aware of when working on their farms, there are several ways that farming can become a hazardous operation.
We will look at Farm Safety in Kansas as we visit with farmers and talk with the Kansas Farm Bureau on this episode of Real Ag.




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