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Real Ag

Real Ag is a program for everyone -- both consumers and those in agri-business -- with pertinent information about food and the agriculture industry.

Season 12 has been made possible in part by: 

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Bank of Hays

Kansas Grain Sorghum

Thank you to these businesses for their support of Real Ag and Smoky Hills PBS!

In the face of a booming global population (9.7 billion by 2050) it's a great time to learn how what we eat affects the world around us.  This season of Real Ag aims to entertain, empower, and educate viewers on how agriculture isn't just about raising plants and animals; it's about the environment we live in, the economy we rely on, and the future we create.

Real Ag Season 12 Intro

From our soil to the food on our table, join us as we dive deep into the world of agriculture. Don't miss the exciting new season of Real Ag, where we'll be sowing seeds of knowledge one episode at a time.

Season 12 Topics

Episode 1 

Seeds of Civilization: A History of Agriculture

Episode 2 

Vanishing Earth: The Soil Crisis

Episode 3 

Bittersweet: The Hidden Side of Sugar

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