Real Ag
Real Ag

Real Ag is a program for everyone -- both consumers and those in agri-business -- with pertinent information about food and the agriculture industry.

Real Ag - The Kansas Secure Food Supply (801)

On this episode we look at the Kansas Secure Food Supply and how a foreign animals disease could impact Kansas livestock.

Real Ag 805 - Irrigation Farming

Water is vital to the growing of crops in Kansas, but what methods are available to farmers to keep healthy and productive crops? We will take a deeper look at Irrigation farming on this episode of Real Ag.

Real Ag - Aerial Imagery (802)

On this episode we look at Aerial Imagery and speak with a rep. from TerrAvion on the various methods to get aerial images of crops.

Real Ag 806 - Alternative Medicine for Animals

Have you ever considered Chiropractic, acupuncture, or other forms of therapies for yourself? How about for your animals? Alternative medicine is quickly growing for animals in the United States and is the topic of this Real Ag.

Real Ag 803 - Co-ops

In the high stakes game of farming, you need all the allies you can get. That’s why many farmers choose to join a Co-op. We will take a deeper look at these Co-ops on this episode of Real Ag.

Real Ag 804 - Prescribed Burning

Fire has long been a feature on the great plains. Land managers need to learn how to properly use fire to their advantage or risk long term consequences.